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Alisha LeBlanc


Alisha Leblanc is a cosmetic nurse who specializes in facial injections. Devoting her nursing career to aesthetics, she has over 5 years of full time experience working with dermal filler and botulinum toxin (botox). She has taken over 18 ongoing education courses and hands on training to provide the most advance level of injections. She is constantly continuing her education and expertise to keep up to date with her new techniques and trends. Alisha has a passion for anatomy, art, and making people feel like the best most confident versions of themselves. 

Elise Bennett

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Elise Bennett is a dedicated Cosmetic Nurse Injector. Elise studied at Trent University and found her passion for medical aesthetics shortly after graduating. She is always seeking opportunities to learn and advance her skills and has taken a number of ongoing training courses on anatomy and injection techniques.  She is a new addition to Cosmetic Injectx with over a year of experience, she has been working alongside Alisha to learn and grow alongside her to deliver stunning results by embellishing your already beautiful features. Elise and Alisha work closely together and collaborate to ensure your appointments are seamless. 
Elise is able to provide confident skilled injections and consultations. She will help you develop a personal, curated treatment plan to assure you meet your desired aesthetic goals. 




(Botox, Dysport, Nucieva)

Botulinum toxin is a temporary muscle relaxant. It works by blocking chemical signals from nerves preventing the muscles from contracting. This prevents the skin from folding therefore prevent creases from occurring. Botulinum toxin is also used to treat hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating not related to heat or exercise. TMJ is treated with botulinum. This relaxes our masseter muscle to prevent pain and discomfort from grinding and clenching our jaw.


Dermal filler is made of hyaluronic acid which is a sugar molecule found in our connective tissue. It works by drawing water toward itself therefore giving us the filling affect. Filler can be used to enhance or restore volume.



How often do I need touch ups?

Botulinum touch ups are required every 3 months to maintain your results. Filler can last anywhere from 6 months to 1.5 years depending on the area injected.

Does Botox erase lines?

Botulinum does not erase lines— it relaxes the muscle underneath the skin. This prevents the skin from folding and allows our body to naturally repair any lines visible at rest.

Will injections help my clenching/ grinding?

Injecting botulinum into your masseter muscle will relax it and cause pain relief from grinding and clenching. This treatment can also provide a slimming effect to the face.

Does lip filler help with dry lips?

Dermal filler attracts water toward it— leaving a plump, hydrated result.

Is it safe to get injections while pregnant or breast feeding?

Injections are not tested on pregnant or nursing persons therefore are not deemed safe to receive during this time.

When should I start getting Botox?

Botulinum is used for preventative measures. It is best to start getting injections before you are noticing any lines visible at rest.

How many units will I need?

Units are a measurement of botulinum. This helps us determine how much medication is required for desired results. Every person is specific and different. We encourage you to come in for a complimentary consultation to create a treatment plan.

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