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Fine line Tattoos (29).png
Fine line Tattoos (29).png

Your body is your very own immaculate canvas that you carry with you everywhere you go. While you can't necessarily change the skin you came in, you can use tattoos to decorate it and create a beautiful work of art. When you're looking for something simple and elegant to add to your beautiful canvas, minimalism tattoos are the perfect option. 

Minimalist tattoos are very popular, and for a good reason. They're dainty, elegant and timeless designs consisting of fine lines, simple shading, very limited colour palette and with experienced techniques. 

We are now offering small to medium scale minimalist tattoos here at Diamond Beauty Co. Some of our incredible resident artists from Ruby Tattoo Studio will be joining us at our beauty bar on Tuesday's and Thursday's, offering high quality flat rate priced minimalism tattoos.


We will continually be posting additional pages of our designs that can be booked online, as well as have a book available in our beauty bar where you can select pre-drawn designs from. Designs will range from dainty florals, botanical ornamental / illustrative styles, custom script, blackwork silhouettes, line work, symbols and many more beautiful pieces that will be ready to tattoo. 


Fine line Tattoos (30).png
Fine line Tattoos (31).png

We are offering a promotion on minimalist tattoos. $25.00 off each tattoo when booking more than 1 in a sitting, and if you book 2 or more tattoos, you will receive a free aftercare cleanser.

First 20 clients to book in for minimalist tattoos will save on tax 

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