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Tattoos & Facials

We are excited to announce 2 of our new services we are now offering at Diamond Beauty Co. As of Aug 9th! T A T T O O S We will be launching Minimalist Tattoos by Nadia White & Danielle Ouellette (who you might already know from our sister company, Ruby Tattoo Studio!) They will be present at Diamond on Tuesday's and Thursday's and ready to tattoo from our pre-drawn tattoo selection (please refer to Instagram or our Tattoo tab on this site.) Designs will range from $120.00 - $200.00* depending on detail & size of the flash piece. All tattoos will be black and white, with no changes being made to the designs (except for script, which can be customized) Each tattoo will be bandaged with our high quality HypaFix invisible bandaging and if more than 2 tattoos are booked in a sitting, free aftercare cleanser will be provided. You can book a tattoo over the phone, by heading over to our online booking system or in person. Please note: Deposits must be placed in order to book in for tattoos. F A C I A L S

Allow us to pamper you while you relax on our comfortable facial bed with our aromatherapy oil diffusers releasing a calming aroma. We have various types of luxurious facials available, our most popular being the HydroJelly face mask treatment. All of our facials come with hot towel treatments, sparkling water and a hydrating lip and or eye treatment. Let Athena take care of you and leave our beauty bar feeling completely refreshed. We have different facials available depending on your skin type and beauty goals. Book with us and our beauty technician can help determine what the best facial treatment would be for you.

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