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Welcome to our ever-growing team of talented, certified, hard working ladies who will continue to learn, grow and provide excellent service to our wonderful clients. These are the faces that make Diamond Beauty Co. what it is, and we are excited to work with you to achieve your beauty goals. 


Amanda Scott

Amanda is our resident permanent makeup artist, as well as certified lash technician. She was trained and certified in microblading, powder brows and combination brows, along with lip tinting and lash line enhancements through Reveal Medi Spa Academy. She is also certified in classic lash extensions, lash lifts + tints, brow lamination and henna brow tinting. Amanda prides herself on enhancing everyone’s natural beauty.


Teri G.

Teri was trained under Toronto's top Tooth Gem technician (Crystal Kiss) 3 years ago, and has further honed her skills since, building custom designed sparkly smiles. A photographer, designer and unicorn- her attention to detail and edge for creativity amplifies her desire to offer the most fun and and satisfying experience to our clients.

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Dana Browne

Dana is the owner / operator of both Ruby Tattoo Studio as well as Diamond Beauty Co. She is a tattoo artist and newly trained tooth-gem technician who is excited to help make your smiles sparkle more.


Nadia White

Nadia is a familiar face also known from being a full-time tattooer at Ruby Tattoo Studio - Nadia has recently become certified in powder brows and is incredibly excited to be diving into the realm of cosmetic tattooing. She will be having a limited part-time schedule at Diamond offering micro tattoos and powder brows. 

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Danielle Ouellette

Danielle is a full time resident artist at Ruby Tattoo Studio. She will be offering fine line | micro tattoos part-time on an appointment-only basis here at Diamond. She specializes in illustrative black and grey and has her portfolio available on Instagram. 

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Athena Panagiotidis

Athena graduated in Aesthetics from Modern College. She is a certified lash technician who specializes in multi-dimension lash extensions, as well as lifts + tints. She has great attention to detail and loves creating beautiful depth, dimension and length. Athena also offers waxing, eyebrow lamination, shaping, tinting and facials. 

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Alisha LeBlanc

Alisha Leblanc is a cosmetic nurse who specializes in facial injections. Devoting her nursing career to aesthetics, she has over 5 years of full time experience working with dermal filler and botulinum toxin (botox). She has taken over 18 ongoing education courses and hands on training to provide the most advance level of injections. She is constantly continuing her education and expertise to keep up to date with her new techniques and trends. Alisha has a passion for anatomy, art, and making people feel like the best most confident versions of themselves. 

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Elise Bennett

Elise Bennett is a dedicated Cosmetic Nurse Injector. Elise studied nursing at Trent University and found her passion for medical aesthetics shortly after graduating. She is always seeking opportunities to learn and advance her skills and has taken a number of ongoing training courses in anatomy and injection techniques. Elise will work with you to create a customized care plan to help you and achieve your goals

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